The year is 2023 and the Mayans were wrong.
The world didn’t end in 2012, civilization as we know it did.

In early 2001, scientists from around the world started noting occurrences that led them to the conclusion that the Earth was heading to a disaster of biblical proportion… a world killer. Changes in weather patterns, increased seismic activity, aberrant behavior of animals, and minute errors in star sightings all pointed to a planetary shift, in conjunction with a shifting of the planet’s crust.

The riots, revolutions and panic that occurred when the information finally leaked to the public killed more people and destroyed more infrastructure than was forecast from the event. There has been a total collapse of civilization; starvation is now the norm; and the things people are doing to one another make a zombie apocalypse seem like a minor aberration.

As the event approaches, pre-shock quakes, bizarre weather, and gravity fluctuation have increased. It is estimated that less than 5 million people are still alive on the planet, less than 2 million of those can be considered anywhere near civilized, and the worst is yet to come. The major slippage of the Earth’s crust is forecast within the next 18 months and when that happens, there will be no safe haven on earth…

But there is a ray of hope… Eden Project.


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