Eden Project

Secretly started by the UN Security Council when first news of the pending disaster was reported, a private group of military commanders, scientists, politicians and corporate heads from around the world have been working in concert to save humanity. This cooperation has led to breakthroughs in fusion power, artificial intelligence and cold sleep that will give humanity a fighting chance. Many of the developments, such as Fusion power and A.I.s have been developed as military weapons projects, with a number of defense and practical applications. But there is a problem. The initial organizers of the project assumed there would be some stable government available to coordinate and execute the plan.

As part of the plan, several secret missions (disguised as resupply for the International Space Station), were launched to the moon and an extensive underground base has been built there over the last decade. It will comfortably house and provide food indefinitely for 5000 people and, more importantly, has secured storage facilities capable of holding up to 1 million cold sleep capsules. Huge barracks have been built in caverns on the moon to house the refugees until they can be placed in cold sleep. There is enough food stockpiled to feed them for the 2 years it is estimated to take. Mostly combat rations of some type. More recently, regular rocket launches have delivered equipment and digital copies of entire libraries. Some of the world’s greatest treasure, both secular and religious have also been shipped to the moon.

Currently, there is a permanent staff of 500 at the base and over 450,000 cold sleep capsules have been assembled, tested and are ready to be loaded and delivered to the base. There are another 50,000 capsules that are installed in emergency evacuation modules, which are nothing more than pressurized box cars with cold sleep units stacked to the ceilings, a sheet steel sleeve welded around it and fitted with booster rockets, a nose cone and stabilizers.

Efforts are already underway to secure the top scientific, medical, and teaching talents in the world; along with their families. These people have been quietly gathered at secure locations for preparation to be put into cold sleep and transported to the moon. Each participating government has picked 50,000 individuals, by lottery, to occupy the remaining cold sleep capsules.

All of the US Space shuttles, as well as the experimental civilian models have been reactivated and have been flying out of Houston and the central Australian outback. There is a launch every week, carrying refugees strapped in bunks in the cargo bays. Camps have been established in locations scientist predict will be least effected by the coming disaster and supplies and people are being relocated to the camps as quickly as possible. There are hundreds of thousands of people who refuse to be moved or believe that there will be no disaster, despite the evidence and current activity.

It is estimated that once the shift occurs, it will take between 12 to 24 months for the Earth’s rotation and crust to stabilize. The project timeline for attempted reconstruction is set to start 25 years after the event, in order to allow time for an equilibrium to be established. Caches of weapons and equipment have been secreted all over the globe in areas thought to be least affected by the shift.

Eden Project

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