Team Briefing

Team NA-26fw–0200zulu-21520404-01200404

Initiate wake-up protocol – All NA-26fw Units

Historical Update:
The shift in earth’s crust along with the realignment of after has caused massive amounts of damage but almost no repositioning of places. Once the planet settled down, the tilt in the Earth’s axis has shifted nearly right back to its original tilt. The difference is small enough to make it negligible. The crustal shift has mostly caused sea levels to raise some 50 feet worldwide, as some sea floors were pushed upward. The poles are measurably smaller than they were.
During the disaster, damage to a SDS AI caused it to go rogue, and develop a dictator complex. Unfortunately, the rogue AI, who has named itself Zeus, was the control AI for the earth satellite defense system (SDS) and was linked into the US nuclear net. Disaster ensued. Zeus launched tungsten projectiles and nuclear missiles on all human population centers, both current and pre-disaster. The fallout from these explosions covered the northern two-thirds of the globe in pockets of radiation, NBC weapons, ash from everything that was vaporized and poisons from the explosions. These areas are now home to who knows what. Some areas are still extremely hot. Zeus has also taken control of several other AI’s, creating a near global net of “governors” responsible for specific regions. Surprisingly, most of the area outside the fallout band is not under direct control of the AIs but they are completely cut off from everyone because of the SDS. The SDS attacks nearly anything moving, either in space, or on the surface, that is not controlled by Zeus. For some reason, Zeus does not recognize any technology that is pre-space age as a threat. The people who survive on the planet either hide, serve the AI’s, or live primitive lives in small villages scattered about.
It is 130 years after the event. Several attempts to neutralize Zeus and start the project have failed. Communications are at best sporadic. Recent attempts to open and activate Team 26 have failed, with no acknowledgement of signal receipt. In order for the project to have any chance of success, Zeus must be neutralized, or at least the SDS system controls must be shut down, or man will spend the rest of eternity sleeping on the moon.
Mission Brief:
Upon reviving:

  1. Scout immediate area.
  2. Proceed to Base 26 (approximately 50 miles west of your position, just outside Lewiston IL)
    • determine status of base and team 26
    • determine if base 26 can be used for future mission assignments
    • stay alive
    • gather information about AI control units in area
  3. report findings to EB-3 using provided communications equipment
  4. stand by for further orders
  5. If all else fails, continue with project general objectives.

Team Briefing

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