The World

Russia and China have turned most of eastern and central Asia into a nuclear desert in their blind attempt to destroy each other.

Africa, Central, and South America have reverted to traditional tribal existences, capable of supporting what population still survives but nothing more.

Northern, Eastern and Southern Europe have rediscovered feudalism, as areas race to save what little is left and keep their neighbors from stealing it.

Western Europe has been devastated by continuous racial wars, as old festering grievances have been brought into the light by the specter of imminent doom.

The Vatican, always a sovereign power in its own right, has become a center of safety in Europe. Using the revitalized Italian army as well as troops from dozens of surrounding areas and the help of the British fleet, the Vatican controls all of Italy south of Venice as well as Sicily. The rule of the Pope has shifted completely from spiritual to secular leadership. Using the massive organization of the Catholic Church, the Pope has created the largest repository of scientific and cultural knowledge anywhere. Agents of the Vatican can be seen everywhere, collecting whole libraries for safekeeping.

England, Scotland and Ireland have retained some semblance of stability, but only by closing their borders and refusing to allow anyone who wasn’t a citizen or a direct member of a citizen’s family (parent, sibling, grandchild or grandparent) into the country. Massive tent cities dot the countryside as the cities have become untenable.

North America has turned into armed camps. When the US Government collapsed following the disappearance of Washington, D. C. into a 20 mile wide sinkhole, states declared themselves’ sovereign nations and attempted to carry on. Most major cities (New York, Chicago, etc.), are ghost towns with small pockets of people attempting to hang on amid constant gang warfare.

Texas annexed everything north of Route 40/40D in Northern Mexico and reformed the Republic of Texas. New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana quickly joined the Republic.

Mississippi, Georgia, the Florida panhandle, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky reformed the Confederate States of America.

The Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, all the Northeastern USA east of I-76 and north of the Potomac River formed the Northern American States.

The remaining mid-western states east of the Mississippi river, west of I-76 and south of Canada formed the Central American Free States.

The area west of the Rocky Mountains and south of San Francisco Bay are a war zone, as rival gangs attempt to gain control.

Northern California, Northern Nevada, Utah, Western Montana, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and the Western Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Yukon have formed the Western American Canadian Alliance.

Quebec is also a war zone, mirroring Western Europe as age old grievances are fought over.

In Eastern Colorado, the area bordered on I-50 to the south, I-285 to the west as far north as Bailey, SR-86 to the north and SR-71 to the east, have formed the Carson Free State.

The rest of the United States and Canada are just known as the Wilds. No one is really sure what is happening there.
*Florida, south of Gainesville, is submerged under up to 25 feet of water, as quakes cause shifts in the sandstone that makes up most of the peninsula

Australia and New Zealand have become the safe haven for refugees from Japan, Southern and Southeastern Asia and the Pacific Rim Islands. Since the entire Pacific Rim and Indian Ocean coast are constantly being hit by huge tsunamis, the area has become un-inhabitable. Protected by the Barrier Reef and its southern location, Australia has become a relatively safe haven. Huge tent cities cover any available habitable land.

The World

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